Charleston Boat Tours and Cruises

All aboard for a great time

Cruise along the historic site of Fort Sumter or coast through the Charleston Harbor aboard one of the many available boats. The Spirit of Carolina, the General Beauregard and the Spirit of Charleston are anxiously waiting to give you an extraordinary view of Charleston while breathing in crisp, fresh sea air.

Harbor Tour

Experience Charleston and its rich, colourful past and enjoy a different point of view. For an hour and thirty minutes, cruise along the harbor and view many key attractions such as, the Battery, the Cooper River Bridge and much more. Get on board the Spirit of Carolina, the General Beauregard or the Spirit of Charleston and get a fully narrated harbour tour.

Fort Sumter Tour

Learn more exciting facts on Fort Sumter and its involvement in the Civil War aboard the Spirit of Charleston and the General Beauregard. Both expeditions last 30 minutes and include a fully narrated story on the history of Fort Sumter.

Dinner Cruise

Satisfy your appetite for Charleston’s past on the water. Step aboard the Spirit of Carolina and embark on a truly unique dining experience. During a three hour cruise, enjoy a three or four course meal featuring gourmet dishes. Accompanying your dinner cruise is live entertainment with areas available for dancing.

Private Charters

Take over the reins on your water discovery of Charleston. For special events, or special moments, plan your own private cruise and spend an evening surrounded by sparkling water, sounds of the sea and a wondrous sunset on the horizon.

Experience Charleston’s historic attractions in a unique way. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Charleston Harbor or Fort Sumter with a fully-narrated tour or in the company of a delightful dining experience. For more information on rates and reservation, visit Fort Sumter Tours / Spirit Line Cruises.

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