The South Carolina Aquarium at the Charleston Harbor

Ride the wave of discovery

The South Carolina Aquarium, located at the Charleston Harbor, illustrates a variety of aquatic habitats and life. The interactive exhibits found throughout the Aquarium focus on different regions in South Carolina. Each exhibit displays a variety of plants, animals and habitats.

Great Hall

When you first step into the South Carolina Aquarium, you’ll be greeted by a 15,000 gallon exhibit and impressive views of the Charleston Harbor.

Mountain Forest

Learn fascinating facts on the habitats found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina. Discover a great waterfall where two river otters are found.


Explore South Carolina during prehistoric times and learn more on the prehistoric mammals such as the sabre-toothed tiger and the ground sloth.

Coastal Plain

The Coastal Plain Gallery displays some of South Carolina’s predators and with special effects, the sights, sounds and atmosphere of a swamp at twilight.

Saltmarsh Aviary

This 2,500 square foot exhibit gives the impression of kayaking through salt marsh tidal creek. The exhibit also provides great views of Charleston Harbor.


Step foot in the Coast Gallery and learn about the animals that live under the water such as sea horses, flounder and stingrays.


The two story Great Ocean Tank holds 385,000 gallons of salt water and gives you the chance to explore varied habitats found in the ocean off the coast.

Touch Tank

At the Touch Tank, understand the life in the Atlantic Ocean and discover interesting facts on a variety of invertebrates by looking and touching.

Camp Carolina

Embark on the ultimate outdoor adventure as you set out to explore the wilderness of the mountains. See skunks, barn owls, freshwater fish and other animals.

Enter the Great Hall and spend the day exploring the habitats in the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina. Venture further in and learn more on exotic swamp dwellers. For those who not only like to see, but also touch, the Aquarium features a special exhibit where you get the chance to hold live invertebrates that are found along the coast of South Carolina.

The Great Ocean Tank is the Aquarium’s key attraction. It holds 385,000 gallons of salt water and hundreds of sea animals, including the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale. Plan your visit and feed your marine-life curiosity at the South Carolina Aquarium

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